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July 13, 2012
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1.  Steal his eye-patch.

2.  When he accuses you for stealing it, blame Sebastian, while wearing it.

3.  Ask him what his relationship he has with Sebastian.

4.  When he says something along the lines as "He's just my butler" scream "LIAR!"

5.  Show him Sebastian x Ciel Fanfics, fanart, smut, etc.

6.  Get his reaction on video.

7.  Post said video on

8.  Lock him in a room with Sebastian.

9.  Refuse to let them out until they confess their undying love for eachother.

10. Place cats randomly throughout the manor.

11. When he scolds you for letting cats in, blame Sebastian but make it obvious it was you.

12. Replace his clothes with Alois' shorts.

13. When playing chess with him, stare at him with a straight face and without losing eye-contact, flip the game board over.

14. When he calls Sebastian to pick it up tell him he shouldn't be so dependent on his butler.

15. Repeatedly call him a pirate.

16. When he tells you to stop say,"Or what?  You're going to make me walk the plank?"

17. Allow Pluto to run around the mansion.

18. When he yells at you for letting Pluto in, start to cry and say,"Poor Pluto...his owner doesn't even love him enough to play with him."

19. Glomp him at random times.

20. Sing "It's a hard not life." (from Annie) Whenever he walks in the room.

21. Call him Alice.

22. Call him Robin.

23. Tell him he looked like a princess in a dress.

24. Tell him he would make a great doll if he didn't kill Drocell.

25. Sing "London Bridge" non-stop.

26. Tell him that you know that Sebastian wasn't helping him into a corset, then wink suggestively.

28. Ask him if he is the pimp in his and Sebastian's relationship.

29. When he says no, ask why he has a pimp stick.

30. Tell him that Sebastian watches him sleep.

31. Ruin the ending of Kuroshitsuji.  (This works for all characters)
I was bored and this probably sucks but I really wanted to try one of these.

Please Comment and Favorite...Lord Phantomhive demands it.

Who's next~? Comment who you want next people!!!! ...pwease?
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should i do a "how to annoy Sebastian" one and make a fanfic of his reactions?
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and #12 *cough cough*
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U can also follow him around singing yo ho (a pirates life for me) by BOTDF all day non stop
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Number 12 for sure!!!
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If only i knew how to find ciel, then all this would happen.
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